Dj Seto ATM 1220 Agost 2019

01 Xijaro &  Pitch   Divenire (Extended Mix)
02 Above & Beyond   Is It Love (1001) [Vocal Club Mix]
03 Alex Kunnari   Oceanic (Extended Mix)
04 Tycoos &  Sandro Mireno with Alaera   Want You To Go (Extended Vocal Mix)
05 Terry Gaters   Escape
06 Cosmic Gate   Come With Me (Extended Mix)
07 Jam & Spoon   Right In The Night (Outsource Remix) Back in Time rmx 2016
08 Levekar & Farid feat Cassandra Grey   One Day (Extended Mix)
09 Super 8 & Tab   Thrive (Extended Mix)
10 Steve Dekay   Kalamea (Original & Extended Mixes)
11 Sheridan Grout feat Blü Eyes   FreeFall (Extended Mix)
12 Ruben de Ronde & Jessika Dawn – Escape 
13 Maarten De Jong & Woody van Eyden   Stroopwafels On Acid (Extended Mix)
14 Steve Dekay   Abraxas (Extended Mix)  Reaching 
15 Moonsouls & Marjan   Save You (Extended Mix)
16 Neptune Project   A Sign From Above (Original Mix)  Mythology
17 Rodg X Sarah de Warren   Fading (Extended Mix) 
18 Armin van Buuren presents Rising Star feat Alexandra Badoi   Cosmos (Extended Mix)
19 Andrew Rayel & HALIENE   Take All Of Me (Extended Mix)
20 Moon feat Shuba   Cool In My Disaster (Extended Mix) 
21 Allen Watts &  Christina Novelli   My Gravity (Extended Mix)
22 Roman Messer feat Cari   Serenity (Extended Mix)  Suanda Music
23 Liquid Soul &  Protonica   Levitate feat Ljuuba