Netzwork We Love Vocal Sundays June 27062021


Netzwork - We love Vocal Sundays June 2021

01 Rene Ablaze &  Cari   Save Ourselves (Extended Mix) 

02 Andy Moor, Somna & Linney   More Than Love (Craig Connelly Extended Remix)

03 Conspiranoise   Life (Extended Mix) 

04 Dennis Sheperd X EKE   Playing With Fire (Alex Di Stefano Extended Remix) 

05 Giuseppe Ottaviani & Cari   Beautiful (Extended Mix) 

06 Air Project & Katari Feat Angel   Broken (Extended Mix) 

07 Criostasis Feat Rita Raga   Evening Breeze (Original Mix) 

08 ReOrder &  Jordan Tobias Feat Clara Yates   Contagious (Extended Mix) 

09 Peran Van Dijk   Good Time (Original Mix Back in Time 

10 SMR LVE & That Girl   Need Somebody (Extended Mix) 

11 Liam Melly & Jessica Doherty   Lost (Extended Mix) 

12 Alexander Popov &  Natalie Gioia   Dreamtime (Extended Mix)