Dj Seto - Atotamakina 1296 - In the name of Trance - 02042022

01 DJ Xquizit AKA Xavian Feat Paul Bartolome   Taking My Breath (U Mount Bootleg)
02 Andrea Ribeca   Galactica (Extended Mix) 
03 Sneijder   Bring The Noize (Extended Mix) 
04  Ghost Etiquette Feat Cora   Swim (Extended Mix) 
05 Paul Ryan   Maya (Extended Mix) 
06 Giuseppe Ottaviani &  April Bender   Something I Can Dream About (Extended Mix)
07 ARDI   End Of Silence (Extended Mix) 
08 Opt In &  Mark L2K   Static Motion (Extended Mix) 
09 Elecprok   Spring Reverie (Sam Cydan Extended Remix) 
10 Mike Zaloxx &  Rinaly   Lights (Extended Mix)
11 NG Rezonance &  Coulson (UK)   Resilience (Original Mix) 
12 Zhiroc   City Of Tears (Original Mix) 
13  Jam X & De Leon -Elektrish BACK IN TIME 2006
14 Andrew Robbixen   Gamechanger (Extended Mix) 
15 Tatio &  Joyline Snow   Always (Extended Mix) 
16 Liam Melly & JSKA - Lord It's A Feeling (Extended Mix) 
17 David Surok &  Joe Cormack   Across The Ocean (Extended Mix) 
19 Alex MORPH & Cheryl Barnes   Be As One (Extended Mix) 
20 Ben Gold feat Plumb   Same Sky Same Stars 
21 Amy Wiles & Matt Fax feat. Mirror Machines - Remind Me Why
22 Moniqa Adams & Nucrise   Whisper (Extended Mix)