Anual YearMix 2022 Extended (Dj Seto, Kontroller Project & TheFinal)


How beautiful are Sundays when you have a party on Monday!!!!
another set that #youtube needed .
I leave you the 6 pm of the #Annual of the past 3122022, in the company of two of the greats @Thefinal aka Alex Estupinya and from #Donetsk one of the greats Kontroller Project, who not even the wars stop him from doing his weekly #radioshow, that's why I had to be at the #Annual, hello, #trance and happy Sunday.


Que bonics són els diumenges quan dilluns tens festa!!!!
una altre set que feia falta a #youtube .
Us deixo les 6h del #Anual del passat 3122022, en companyia de dos dels grans TThefinal Radiomix at CursedStudios aka AAlex Estupinya i desde #donetsk un dels grans Kontroller Project, que ni les guerres l'aturen per fer el seu #radioshow setmanal, per això tenia que estar si o si al #Anual, salut , #trance i bon diumenge.