Dj Seto - Atotamakina 1310 In The Name of Trance 03062023

01 SeRaPhic   Sunset Rose (Alternate High Extended Remix)
02 7ranZ   Starry Sky (Extended Mix) 
03 Gareth Emery Feat Maria Lynn   Missing You (Ben Gold Extended Remix) 
04  Midway Amazon (Sean Tyas Extended Remix)
05 Sauli   Deviation (Original Mix) 
06 C Systems   Atlantis (Extended Mix) 
07 Gayax   Destination (Original Mix) 
08 Des Mitchell   Welcome To The Dance (Connor Woodford Rework
09 Harshil Kamdar u0026 Bruno Oloviani   Moksha (Extended Mix) 
10 IanT &  Flund Feat Liliia Kysil   Midnight Sun (Extended Mix) 
11 Raddle B &  Ren Faye   Find Me (Extended Dub Mix) 
12 Nunca house of doom  BACK IN TIME 1999
13 LightControl & Jos van Aken   Guiding Hearts [Original Mix)
14 Sandro Mireno   Morning Prayer (Extended Mix
15 Semper T   Shards (Extended Mix) 
16 Satellite Robots Feat Kim Alex   You Can Turn Around (Club Mix) 
17 Talla 2XLC &  Saccoman   Distant Planet (Extended Mix)  
18 TH3 ONE &  Frank Dueffel   California (Extended Mix) 
19 Sneijder X Cari   You Take My Breath Away (Extended Mix) 
20 Will Rees Feat Tara Greene    Spiralling (Extended Mix) 
21 Aki Harunari   Endlessly Deep (Extended Mix)