Dj Seto Atotamakina 1315 In The Name of Trance 04112023

01 Cold Blue · Audrey Gallagher Broken Things (Extended Mix) 
02 Chicane   Offshore (Craig Connelly Remix)
03 Anton By & Ren Faye   Synergy (Extended Mix) [ 2Rock B Side)
04 MikkoT   Kaiho (Extended Mix) 
05 Cyre   Cala Conta (Exolight Extended Remix) 
06 Wendel Kos feat Taleen - Miss You (Wendel's 'First Sunlight' Mix) BACK IN TIME 2009
07 Mou5EmO &  Mou5ZyZZ   I Love When You Cry (Original Mix) 
08 Marco V vs Rafael Osmo & Danny Claire   20000 Everything
09 Kita Kei vs Denise Rivera   Time For Hope vs Cold As Ice 
10 Allen Watts   Vortex (Extended Mix) 
11 Aurosonic & Kate Louise Smith   Careless (Extended)
12 Marc Ward   Daytona (Aaron Francesco Remix) 
13 Giuseppe Ottaviani $  AVAO   Echo In Your Mind (Extended Mix)
14 Will Room   Astoria (Original Mix) 
15 Korolova plays Redspace, Lluis Ribalta, Eleene   Coming Closer (Original Mix[1]
16 Redspace   Unknown Planet (Franco Armellini Vocal Edit) 
17 Angelus   Parley Pt 2 (The Bassline Will Bring Me Home) (Original Mix) 
18 Mario Moon, Dave AirmaX u0026 Reborn Sound System   The Unknown (Extended Mix) 
19 Yisus Madrid   Break (Extended Mix) 
20 Helsløwed & Amber Revival   If You Only Knew (Extended Mix
21 Armin Van Buuren & Xoro Ft Yola Recoba   God ıs the soundwaves (Extended Mix)
22 John O'Callaghan Feat. Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky (Asteroid & Paul Skelton Extended Remix)
23 Darren Porter, BiXX & Natalie Gioia   Cry for Peace (Extended Mix) 

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