Dj Seto Atotamakina 1319 In The Name of Trance 02032024

01 Talla 2XLC & Lost Witness   Red Sun Rising (Extended Mix) 
02 Dave Begic - For What It's Worth
03 Ruben de Ronde · Farius · David Frank · Daniel Kandi Radiant (Daniel Kandi's Bangin' Extended Mix) 
04 AuRa &CamelPhat   Panic Room (Will Room Rework
05 JosephAli   Delilah (Original Mix)
06 Steve Dekay & Drival   Elixir (Extended Mix) 
07 Hypersia, Last Soldier &  Nelly TGM   Inevitable (Extended Mix) 
08 Anna Lee   Long Way Home (Extended Mix) 
09 DJ Eternity   Free Your Mind (Extended Mix) 
10 Daxson &  Nation Of One   Now Or Never (Craig Connelly Extended Remix) 
11 Rhys Elliott   Almost Alone (Extended Mix) 
12 Armin Van Buuren   These Silent Hearts (Ft BT[2] (Back in Time 2010
13 Pinkque & Roxanne Emery   Better Than This (Extended Mix) 
14 Kriess Guyte & Charlie Mackie   Teach Me How To Love (Extended Mix) 
15 Code 2 &  Jodie Poye   Hold Me Close (Extended Mix) 
16 Ben van Gosh   Acid Rocker (Extended Mix) 
17 Ciaran McAuley   Love Heals (Extended Mix) 
18 Andy Jornee &  Victoriya   Not Alone (U7FutureTrance) 
19 Dmitriy Kuznetsov & Johannes Fischer   Watching The Waves (Cedric Paul Extended Mix)
20 Nicholas Gunn & Harshil Kamdar Feat Alina Renae   Here I Am (Richard Durand Extended Remix)
21 Mario Moon, Dave AirmaX & Reborn Sound System - The Unknown (Extended Mix) BONUS TRACK